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Luisa Yanzón

Ms.Luisa Yanzón is an architect at Bórmida & Yanzón, responsible for the Interior Design department in the studio. Growing up as the daughter of Mario and Eliana -heads of the firm, her first insights into architecture started at a very young age, when she was just a girl growing up in an environment filled with art, design and a great appreciation for beauty.

Luisa got her degree in Architecture and continued her studies in Chile, Mexico and the US. Her curious personality and restless thirst for knowledge have taken her around different cultural settings, where she has broadened her professional experience as an architect. She is fluent in Spanish, Italian, English and French,
which helps her communicate with clients around the world.

Her designs highlight a perfect balance between creativity and functionality, endowing spaces with character and identity. She uses pure materials that express simplicity, warmth and a most graceful sense of elegance